CDM is one such an acronym with many full forms. Many sectors have different full forms for the word CDM. In this article, I will share all the possible full forms of CDM acronym in all the known sectors. Do you want to know What is the full form of bye? find here. I have been sharing a few interesting facts under the category Do You Know“. follow our blog freshershangout daily for the latest facts.

What is the Full Form of CDM
What is the Full Form of CDM

CDM has various full forms across many sectors like banking, communication, military, medical, electronics, etc. Based on sectors CDM has different various full forms.

What is the CDM Full Form In Banking?

In the banking sector, CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE is abbreviated as CDM. CDM is one such self-service machine terminal like ATM that enables you to deposit the in-hand cash into your bank accounts. You can deposit cash to your account with or without a debit card. The functioning of CDM is to detect the fake notes and count the denominations deposited by the user. In general CDM full form or CDM stands for CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE.

What is the CDM Full Form In Tele-Communication?

In Tele Communication, CDM full form or stands for Code Division Multiplexing (CDM). Multiplexing is the technique of combining the multiple signals to transmit over a frequency. Code Division Multiplexing-CDM technique is used in cellular and satellite communication. This technique employs spread spectrum communication i.e a narrowband signal is spread over a larger band of frequency by division. CDM is widely used in second 2G and third-generation 3G wireless communications.

What is the full form of CDM in Football?

In the football game, CDM is the most common word heard all the time. Here CDM full form, CDM Meaning and stands for CENTRAL DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER. CDM is described as the heart of the game and the player position is between midfielder and defense. This player has to work all around the pitch i.e a CDM has to play the role of playmaker while attacking and as a defender while defending.

What is the CDM Full Form In Transportation?

In Airline transportation, CDM full form or stands for COLLABORATIVE DECISION MAKING(CDM). CDM is a joint government and industry initiative to improve air traffic flow management by increasing the information exchange among aviation community stakeholders. This body has representatives from government, general aviation, airlines, private industry, and academia who work together to create technological and procedural solutions to the Air Traffic Flow Management.

What is the CDM Full Form In Cosmology?

In Cosmology and Physics, CDM Full form or stands for COLD DARK MATTER (CDM). Cold Dark Matter. In the cold dark matter theory, approximately 85% of the matter in the universe is dark matter and the rest of the matter composes stars, planets, and living organisms. Cold Dark Matter refers to the fact that it moves slowly compared to the spread of light and interacts very weakly with ordinary matter and radiation.

What is the CDM Full Form in Medical and Healthcare?

In terms of Medical and Healthcare, CDM Full Form or Stands for CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT. It is an integrated approach of care and support to manage the illness of an individual’s chronic health condition with medical care such as screenings, checkups, monitoring, treatment. Chronic Disease Management includes managing the depression levels of complications in some chronic illnesses cases include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS.

What is the CDM Full Form In Business?

In the business sector, CDM full form or CDM Stands for CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING (CDM). CDM is a creative and dynamic way of agreement between all members of a business. Here the entire group of people reaches an agreement so consensus decision making is a group decision-making process in which group members develop, and agree, actively support a decision in a whole group.

What is the CDM Full Form in Computing?

In the field of Data Mining, CDM full form or CDM stands for COLLABORATIVE DATA MINING. Data mining is about solving problems using data leveraging human intelligence. Collaborative Data Mining is a setting where the data mining effort is distributed to multiple collaborating agents like human or software. The objective of this collaborative Data Mining effort is to produce solutions to the tackled Data Mining problem.

What is the CDM Full Form in Pharmacy?

In the pharmacy sector, CDM Full form or stands for CLINICAL DATA MANAGEMENT. It is the process in the clinical research sector that maintains high-quality, reliable data from clinical trials. CDM – Clinical Data Management ensures collection, integrations, and availability of data. The individual or manager associated with CDM plays a key role in the proper management of data generated by clinical trials.

What is the CDM Full Form in Construction?

IN construction field, CDM Full form or stands for the CONSTRUCTION DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT. CDM is a set of health and regulations that apply to the construction. These CDM regulations apply to all the projects of any type, any size, any duration. CDM aims to improve health and safety in the construction industry.

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