Gate Examination Papers, Pattern, Syllabus, Previous Papers: Gate 2018 Examination Notification is already out before a week. If you are a Gate aspirant or looking to appear for gate 2018 examination do follow our guide explaining the eligibility and gate 2018 examination application process. Here we would discuss more elaborately about the Gate 2018 Examination Papers, Pattern, and Syllabus. Exclusively we will provide The Gate Examination old/previous papers to get practiced for gate examination.

GATE 2018 will be conducted on 23 subjects (papers). Scroll down to see the list of papers with subject codes. A candidate or an applicant can register and appear for only 1 paper from 23 papers. An extreme care needs to be taken while filling application as you are allowed to appear for only one paper. Choose an appropriate paper with the subject code mentioned below or refer from information brochure. After submission of application, any change of paper is NOT permitted.

Gate 2018 Examination Papers Pattern
GATE 2018 Examination Papers, Pattern, Syllabus, Previous Papers

List of GATE 2018 Papers and Paper (Subject) Codes

GATE Paper Code GATE Paper Code
Aerospace Engineering AE Geology and Geophysics GG
Agricultural Engineering AG Instrumentation Engineering IN
Architecture and Planning AR Mathematics MA
Biotechnology BT Mechanical Engineering ME
Civil Engineering CE Mining Engineering MN
Chemical Engineering CH Metallurgical Engineering MT
Computer Science and Information Technology CS Petroleum Engineering PE
Chemistry CY Physics PH
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC Production and Industrial Engineering PI
Electrical Engineering EE Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF
Ecology and Evolution EY    

*XE (Engineering Sciences) and **XL (Life Sciences) papers are of general nature

*XE Paper Code **XL Paper Code
Engineering Mathematics (Compulsory) A Chemistry (Compulsory) P
Any two optional sections   Any two optional sections  
Fluid Mechanics B Biochemistry Q
Materials Science C Botany R
Solid Mechanics D Microbiology S
Thermodynamics E Zoology T
Polymer Science and Engineering F Food Technology U
Food Technology G    
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences H    

Gate 2018 Examination Information

Gate 2018 Examination will be conducted for 23 papers which is purely COMPUTER BASED ONLINE TEST (Questions will be displayed on the screen where you need to answer by choosing the correct option for Multiple Choice Questions and by entering answer using virtual keyboard for Keyed Questions. For more Information See Notification Gate 2018.

Examination Duration

All the papers of the GATE 2018 examination will be of 3 hours duration and they consist of 65 questions for a total of 100 marks.Since the examination is Computer Based at the end of 3 Hours computer will submit the question and answer paper automatically so here we need to think wisely and adjust the time to gain maximum marks for good gate score and ranks.

Gate 2018 Examination Or Questions Pattern

GATE 2018 would contain two different types of questions in all the papers. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections. These questions are objective in nature, and each will have a choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to select the correct answer and mark it. For each wrong answer a negative marking is awarded accordingly, For 1-mark MCQ, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Likewise, for 2-mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections. For these questions, the answer is a real number, which needs to be entered by the candidate using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor. Answers would be a type of integer -10 or 10 where you need to mention a correct integer. Similarly, questions with decimal places also need to enter exactly for correct answering. An added advantage is these type of questions will be mentioned with, up to which decimal places, the candidates need to make an answer. There is NO negative marking for a wrong answer in NAT questions.

Gate 2018 Examination Marks

  • In all the papers out of 100 marks, 15 marks would be awarded for General Aptitude and rest of the marks would be awarded for Subject.
  • While the Papers bearing the codes AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF and XE, 15% of marks would be for Engineering Mathematics and other 15% for General Aptitude and remaining 70% is for Subject.
  • For more detailed Information see Official Information Brochure of Gate 2018.
  • In the papers bearing the codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH and XL, 15% of the total marks would be for General Aptitude section and the remaining 85% of the total marks will be the subject of the paper.


Syllabus [Gate 2018 CSE, EEE, ECE, MECHANICAL, CIVIL PDF Documents]

Gate 2018 Paper Syllabus
General Aptitude (Common) GA Syllabus
Aerospace Engineering AE Syllabus
Agricultural Engineering AG Syllabus
Architecture and Planning AR Syllabus
Biotechnology BT Syllabus
Civil Engineering CE Syllabus
Chemical Engineering CH Syllabus
Computer Science and Information Technology CS Syllabus
Chemistry CY Syllabus
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC Syllabus
Electrical Engineering EE Syllabus
Ecology and Evolution EY Syllabus
Geology and Geophysics GG Syllabus
Instrumentation Engineering IN Syllabus
Mathematics MA Syllabus
Mechanical Engineering ME Syllabus
Mining Engineering MN Syllabus
Metallurgical Engineering MT Syllabus
Petroleum Engineering PE Syllabus
Physics PH Syllabus
Production and Industrial Engineering PI Syllabus
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF Syllabus
Engineering Mathematics XE-A Syllabus
Fluid Mechanics XE-B Syllabus
Materials Science XE-C Syllabus
Solid Mechanics XE-D Syllabus
Thermodynamics XE-E Syllabus
Polymer Science and Engineering XE-F Syllabus
Food Technology XE-G Syllabus
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences XE-H Syllabus
Chemistry XL-P Syllabus
Biochemistry XL-Q Syllabus
Botany XL-R Syllabus
Microbiology XL-S Syllabus
Zoology XL-T Syllabus
Food Technology XL-U Syllabus

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