In the past five years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Golang programmers over the past five years, and as a result, there has been an increase in the number of startup companies and large enterprises looking to hire Golang engineers.

This indicates that the current trend of increasing hiring will likely persist beyond 2022. A Go developer salary, as of today, is mouth-watering as a result of the high demand for service.

Have you been considering hiring a Golang programmer, or have you been debating whether or not to begin studying Go? Good fortune has finally smiled upon you.

Golang Developer Salary A Few Essential Factors to Consider

This helpful guide will give you an idea of the average Golang developer salary and a list of the elements that affect how much Golang engineers make per year.

What Factors Affect a Golang Developer’s Pay? 

Education, years of experience, and employment location are just a few of the elements that affect a Golang developer’s salary.

We’ll look more closely at how these elements affect compensation in this piece.

1. Location 

The amount of money you can earn as a Golang developer can also depend on where you live. When you work in a big city, you usually make more money and have to pay more to live there.

One of the best salaries in the US for Golang developers, for instance, is in New York City. This is due to the fact that they will compete for employment prospects. 

More importantly, pay for Golan developers varies significantly from nation to nation. This is because the cost of living differs from country to country and from one city to another.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for a Golang developer in a few major cities is given below.


Average Salary

Washington DC


San Francisco




Las Vegas


New York City




New Orleans




2. Technology Adoption 

One of the most widely used programming languages nowadays is Go. Due to the inherent complexity of Python and Java, which made them impossible to utilize for operating systems or servers, Google created this language as a replacement.

Go quickly became popular among programmers because it was easy to use and could run on any platform. It wasn’t limited by hardware requirements or operating systems like Linux, Mac, or Windows OS.

The need for competent Go developers is also increasing daily. Go developers are in high demand because of this, and if they work for a startup, they can ask for a high salary.

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3. Years of Training and Development 

In most cases, a higher salary can be expected as you get more years of work experience. The more experience you have as a Golang developer, the higher your salary is likely to be.

According to the BLS and the National Compensation Survey, here is how your expertise as a Golang developer can affect your salary.

Level of experience


Entry-level Programmer (less than 1 year)


Junior Programmer (1 to 4 years)


Amateur Programmer (5 to 9 years)


Experienced Programmer (10 to 19 years)


Top Professional (20+ years)


Go Developer Salary Based on Engagement Model

Below is information on the typical Go programmer salary in a variety of scenarios, accounting for differences in hiring approaches.

As a new company, you need all the information at your disposal to make the best possible decisions.

1. Full-time (In-house) Golang Developer

The most overpriced developers as well as the most successful. In-house developers are in this category. They get to collaborate closely with their management teams, who may then support their professional development.

Additionally, they have access to all of the company’s resources and tools, which enables them to pick up new information rapidly. The in-house model’s primary flaw, however, is that it is far more expensive than the alternatives.

This is especially difficult if you require staff reinforcement solutions, for instance, since you’ll be in charge of not only salaries but also rewards, taxes, and other expenses. An in-house Go language developer salary is estimated between $100,000  to $200,000.

2. Contract Golang Developer

While contracted Golang engineers are less expensive than internal engineers, this does not imply that they are of worse quality. The budget frequently changes by area. In essence, outsourcing may be a better choice than internal hiring because it gives you access to a larger global talent pool.

Especially if the main thing your startup does isn’t to make software, you can use contracts to add to your in-house staff. Subcontracted developers give startups and SMEs the freedom they need to obtain a competitive advantage.

The annual compensation for a Golang software developer working for an outsourced company ranges from $50,000 to $150,000. The location has an impact on this. So, to finish a project, it would be much cheaper to hire an Indian Go developer than an American developer.

3. Freelancing Golang Developer

Due to the higher overhead costs associated with managing their projects, freelance Golang engineers are typically more costly than hiring Go coders.

Furthermore, you might be expected to spend more time educating freelancers than you would with full-time developers or hired programmers because they typically have fewer abilities.

A part-time freelance Golang engineer salary is expected at an average of about $30 per hour. In comparison, a full-time freelance developer can make between $50 and $100 per hour, depending on where they live and how much experience they have.

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Ever since its birth, the Golang programming language has continued to stay. The influence of Golang, which is still a relatively new programming language, has been much more than anyone anticipated.

Go not only makes programming better, but it also helps organizations meet their needs for optimization and scalability. Look into hiring Go developers who will only charge for the code that is actually delivered (no hidden fees for management, administration, or anything else).

This will make sure you get the most for your money while still getting things done quickly. Location is crucial because it affects the Go developer salary and also how easy it is to find qualified developers.


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