We see that there is the time most of the kids wait for throughout the year such as summer vacations. However, we see that the situation is different now due to the global pandemic gripping the world as well. We also see that education has been revamped during the past few months as well.

Hence, the way we study or learn is different now at the same time. We see that schools have encouraged remote learning among kids with a focus on summer vacation homework as well.

How Doubts Can Be Cleared Effectively By The Students On Online Portals And Otherwise

As the classes run normally, students are also given assignments as well as homework as a usual learning and engaging drill during their summer vacation. We see that with the lockdown, for students it seems difficult to get help on such assignments from tutors or friends physically as well.

We see that students can easily solve tricky maths puzzles with answers to find out how they can use them in online learning. Teachers can also make use of Motivational quotes for students as well. Most teachers feel that it is important to clear the doubt but not necessarily on the spot.

Whenever they face a doubt it is important to find out a solution to it as well. If not then later we see that it may cause them the trouble as well. For instance, if they leave some doubts in their mind just to be solved later then they might forget that and they may never have that doubt again unless they face it again in exams.

We see that to overcome this kind of problem try to maintain a habit of writing down their doubts so that they won’t forget them and ask those to their teachers or any other friend of theirs as well.

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We see that choosing to turn to others, including teachers, as well as admitting that they don’t understand a specific topic isn’t easy for students as well. We see that some are conditioned into thinking that they ought to know every concept or topic as well as failing to do so results in immense frustration as well as dejection.

But in fact, we see that understanding where students require assistance as well as asking for help is a crucial step toward becoming responsible and mature adults too.

We see that don’t overthink their questions to completely benefit from the time spent with their tutor and make sure that they go into the doubt clearing session with targeted and specific questions. But, they mustn’t overthink your queries and doubts as well.

Instead, we see that they must know that their teachers genuinely want to help them, as well as firmly believe that there are no right, wrong, or stupid questions. We see that as a result, teachers on this platform encourage students to ask questions without the fear of being judged or criticized and to gain maximum clarity on challenging concepts as well.

They must also be proactive as the ideal time to get their queries resolved is when they first realize they are struggling with a particular concept as well as not just right before a test. They must remember to be proactive and prompt in getting their doubts cleared to receive a quicker response from their tutor.

We see that the best way to do this is to schedule a one-on-one doubt clearing session offered by these apps with some of the most capable teaching professionals on board as well. We see that when in doubt, ask again as well.

Do we see why are one-on-one doubt clearing sessions such a game-changer? Because, they can confidently pose a problematic query to their teacher, as well as they can respond in real-time for more informed and better-researched answers.

Even so, what if they don’t understand the concept, despite repeated explanations? It’s easy – they ask again, without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed as well. However, they must remember to be polite as well as avoid rude interruptions as well.

We see that with careful and thoughtful consideration, online apps appoint teachers who are being asked to assist students through their academic difficulties as well.

So, do not hesitate before requesting additional practice or reference materials during a doubt clearing session, or even otherwise at the same time. We see that as a student, they are the best judge of your academic expectations as well.

Hence, we see that extra help in the form of online course archives, tutorial videos, as well as practice test questions set by their tutor, ensures that they are backed with sufficient resources for better preparation as well.

We see that if a person follows the above-mentioned approaches, they will be more self-assured as well as confident that their concepts are clearer, precise, as well as thorough.

Consequently, the tutor will also receive the gratification of helping a student genuinely in need, rather than being pressured into teaching something new – irrespective of whether the former concept was understood or not as well.

We see that now that students are attending school through online classes, they are missing out on face-to-face interaction with teachers as well. Finally, we see that this leaves them with little opportunity to get their doubts cleared in person as well.

At the same time, we see that teachers may not be able to cater to the questions of students within the limited class hours as well. Moreover, we know that while some students comfortably ask teachers questions, others hesitate to do the same as well.

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We see that teachers have different ways to clarify the doubts of students, some answering the students’ queries during the lesson itself, while we know that others prefer that students raise questions only at the end of the lesson as we have seen.

Whatever be the case, asking for donuts can be beneficial to grow as a learner and be aware of the problems as is seen in most cases these days. 


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