It is possible to do what you love, but still feel lonely. If you do not feel comfortable in the office and you do not know how to find common ground with colleagues, then this text is for you.

Your daily communication with colleagues is limited to the phrases “Good morning” and “Have a good evening”? The rest of the time you are busy solving work problems?

Then it is not surprising that you have nothing to talk about at lunch, at corporate events, or on a business trip, there are awkward pauses in the air every now and then.

Loneliness in the workplace is a common problem. More than half of professionals report that they are uncomfortable in a team. We spend a significant part of our lives at work, and our general well-being depends on how we communicate with our colleagues.

Establishing a warm relationship with colleagues isn’t so difficult, it’s unnecessary by nature to be the soul of the company or have a great sense of humor.

Loneliness in the Office 5 Ways to Stop Being a Stranger Among Colleagues

Treat the development of social connections as a workout: do daily exercises to build relationships with people in the office. These simple steps will help you get rid of loneliness.

Give up Smartphones for a While

During the workday, we have to be constantly on the phone. Even so, set aside at least half an hour when you won’t be distracted by gadgets. This is time you can devote to more in-depth communication with colleagues.

Don’t use a smartphone during the morning coffee break in the office or at lunch, even if your friend has sent you a message or you have a new Bet20 offer letting you get profit from a sports event.

By the way, giving up gadgets can have a positive impact not only on your relationship with your colleagues but also on your relationship with your child.

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Stop Being Late

Arrive at the office, as well as for all work meetings a little in advance: 10-15 minutes before the start. In a situation where you are not late for anything, you will be relaxed and ready to communicate with those around you.

In the morning, before the start of the workday, you will be able to have a coffee together with your colleagues who also arrived early and exchange news or impressions.

You won’t have to rush through the day, which means you’ll be able to pay more attention to the people around you.

Find Company for Lunch

For those who are used to grabbing a quick bite to eat alone, it can be difficult to make social connections at work. Time is of the essence when you need to hurry back to your office desk to get more done and finish early.

But if you want to build warm relationships with your coworkers, remember: the lunch break is perfect for that. Don’t turn down colleagues’ offers to grab a bite to eat together, and take the initiative yourself occasionally.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a large company, have lunch with one or two employees with whom you have common interests.

Don’t Get Angry When You Are Distracted

If you’ve been busy writing a report and someone in the company interrupts you, don’t get angry.

Put things aside and try to focus on what your colleague is saying, if you are competent in the matter – help. Remember: no task is more important than your relationship with people. Learn to distinguish the urgent from the important.

But still don’t allow colleagues to abuse your kindness, at work you don’t have to do everything for everyone. Try to build personal boundaries.

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Thank Your Colleagues

If a colleague has helped you, don’t take it for granted. Take the time to thank the person. In doing so, the best way to communicate is face-to-face, in an extreme case an email or messenger message will do.

Moreover, sometimes remember pleasant situations from company life and communication with people at work.

Sometimes look through your smartphone photos: what did you do a month or a year ago? Send a photo and text to a colleague and thank him or her for the time you spent together.


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