Sometimes it’s impossible to effectively combine work and study. Unread texts, unfinished homework, and unheard lectures are piling up, and it seems that in the long-awaited vacation all this can finally be studied. But is it worth it? 

Have Time for Everything Is It Worth Studying on Vacation

Cons of Learning on Vacation

You Won’t Get the Full Rest

Sometimes you need to do nothing for a few days to get a full rest and reboot, just watching YouTube or online betting. Otherwise, you will face burnout. There is such a concept as “academic burnout” when it comes to learning.

It is defined as a negative emotional, physical, and mental reaction to the prolonged study, which leads to exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation, and reduced results. So, before doing anything, assess the extent of your fatigue and readiness to absorb new information.

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There May Be Negative Associations With Learning

If you study too hard and think that studying spoils your vacation, negative associations will arise.

Because of this your intrinsic motivation will decrease significantly, and with it the effectiveness of learning.

Your Attention Will Dissipate

It seems that the beach is the perfect location for learning. It may be so. But some people find it much more difficult to concentrate there than in a habitual workplace.

As a consequence, it will take you several times longer to process any information.

Pros of Learning on Vacation

You Can Fill in the Gaps in Your Knowledge

You have the opportunity to revisit what you didn’t fully learn or understand. You can identify these gaps with tests as a self-test.

Classes Will Take Place at a Relaxed Pace

No messages from your peers will distract you from the learning process. Choosing a time for classes is much easier than on weekdays.

For example, you can determine your most productive hours and study exactly in that period.

You Can Rethink Your Educational Experience

Thanks to reflection, we understand what is ours and what is not, and what methods, ways, and formats of learning suit us. And it’s necessary to reflect not only once (for example, at the end of a course), but periodically.

It’s a stage in any learning process to which we must return constantly because, our goals, motives, teachers, developmental trajectories, and formats change.

Time needs to be set aside to rethink the educational experience. You can rethink it during a vacation in a relaxed environment.

You Can Try New Things

With some free time, you can experiment with new formats, tackle unusual tasks beyond what you’re used to, and watch a lecture in addition to the topic you’re studying.

Learning Can Inspire You Again

This is possible as long as you have the energy to absorb new information and are not overworked.

If you change the environment and thus leave the usual routine, the learning process will seem less familiar and can inspire you again. But for this, it’s also worth remembering your original goal.

How to Study on Vacation

Look for a Balance Between Rest and Study

Don’t overload yourself and best determine your minimums to accomplish. Distribute your classes evenly and build them into your schedule.

Don’t forget to take small breaks during classes as well. You can stick to the well-known Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes of work and 5-7 minutes of rest.

Determine the Most Productive Time for the Exercise

The hours of greatest productivity are an individual matter. Your prime time can also be in the evening – you can define it yourself. Trace the general trend and identify the most frequent “green” hours of your productivity.

Arrange Your Space

The principle of separating rest and study areas holds true when you’re on vacation. Find a comfortable corner for studying that doesn’t coincide with a place to sleep.

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Be Kinder to Yourself

If you feel like you’re “not productive enough” while on vacation, don’t berate yourself for it and allow yourself to undergo something. Celebrate each of your results (even small ones), it will help you increase your motivation.


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